Best Gas Range With Electric Oven In 2022: Top Picks & Buying Guide

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Cosmo Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners, Electric Convection Oven
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1. Best Overall: Cosmo Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners, Electric Convection Oven

"This product provides you a high heat for boiling, frying, or searing to a low simmer for the most delicate sauces." Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Summit 24"" Freestanding Gas Range with Oven Capacity Electronic

"This model installs four sealed burners and a large oven which helps you cook delicious foods for your family." Read Review

3. Best Dual Fuel Cooking: ZLINE 36" Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven

"Our test agreed that this model includes professional Dual Fuel cooking which produces high temperature to cook faster." Read Review

4. Best Durable: ZLINE 48" Black Stainless 6.0 cu.ft. 7 Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range

"This ZLINE allows you to switch easily dual oven lighting. In addition, this product has eight burners for cooking." Read Review

5. Best Heavy-duty Construction: Cosmo Gas Range with 6 Sealed Burners, Cast Iron Grates

"We highly recommend you this model because it installs an oven cavity cooling ventilation system for safe heat dissipation" Read Review

With precise burner temperature control, useful convection technology, and elegant finishings, a gas range with an electric oven is preferred by many families. It not only cooks food but also bakes cakes or meats. 

We understand that you have many requirements for deciding to buy the right product. As a result, our company has tested many products to choose the best gas range with electric ovens for you. Besides, we sampled some products which use gas-only or electricity. These products are tested on some criteria such as heat distribution, cooking space, safety... We hope that you will choose the right product for your kitchen.

Products Suggest

Product Highlights

We find that this model is a perfect product for your kitchen. It combines five gas burners and an electric convection oven, which allows you to cook many foods. In terms of performance, this model has a turbo true Europe convection helping you save cooking time at low temperatures. In addition, this product installs heavy-duty cast iron for heat retention and distribution. Generally, the Cosmo works well and smoothly.

2 Top Choice
Summit  24"" Freestanding Gas Range with Oven Capacity Electronic
Our Score:
Product Highlights

It includes not only an excellent design but also great functions. This model can convert quickly between a pressure regulator and cooktop burner with two simple steps. Secondly, its oven includes an interior light and wide window, which helps watch the cooking process.

In addition, this product is very safe for your family because it is designed with four sealed burners with removable cast iron tops. We highly recommend this model for your kitchen.


3 Top Choice
ZLINE 36" Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven
Z Line Kitchen and Bath
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Product Highlights

We highly appreciate this model with the functions of a gas cooktop and electric convection oven. As a result, it is convenient for cooking every day.

Besides,  SmoothGlide ball-bearing racks are designed to help the oven door be sturdy. Especially, this product has dual oven lights which allow you to control your cooking process.

Product Highlights

Firstly, we are impressed by its burners. It includes eight burners so that you can cook a variety of food from frying to boiling. In addition, this model is very safe. If your children touch the oven when it is working, you can feel assured that your children won't get burned; because this product is designed with three layers of glass which helps your oven door stay cool even when it is cooking.

Product Highlights

Let's start with the fact that this product is multi-functional. You can control temperatures easily for frying, boiling, and cooking various foods thanks to 6 sealed burners.

In terms of the oven, this product has ample cooking space and a fan, which allows heat distribution to be even around the food and saves time for cooking.

Product Highlights

Although the Danby product has a small design, it includes many functions. With this model, you can cook food and bake cakes at high temperatures. In addition, this product is equipped with oven technology, so you must be satisfied with its heat distribution and evenly cooked food.

Another advantage is four adjustable legs which are suitable for removing in your kitchen. Generally, this product is a great choice for your kitchen.

Product Highlights

You need to buy one product; you can own three tools: grills, burners, and an oven. Regarding the oven, this product features an ample cooking space which allows you to control temperatures easily from 175 to 550 degrees. In addition, this model built independent switches which adapt to control different temperatures.

Besides gas burners, this model comes with a griddle. Thanks to this feature, you can cook many foods, from boiling to frying at once.

Product Highlights
  • Product Dimensions: 30 in. W x 27.3 in. D x 36 in. H, Cutout Dimensions: 30.12 in. W x 24.4 in. D x 36 in. H. With 2 Years US Based Manufacture Warranty. Pre-installed for natural gas (gas regulator included), Can be converted to liquid propane gas use (LPG conversion nozzles included). Pre-installed US standard 120v GFCI power cord (electric ignitor), 15 amps breaker required.
  • The slide-in gas range come with large oven window and two halogen oven lights (push-button control) allows you to see your food while cooking without opening the door. The triple layer tempered glass that add to the eye-catching aesthetic of the complete exterior design.
Furrion F1S21L03A-BL, 21", Black
Our Score:
Product Highlights
  • Easy To Clean: Wired grate and enamel tray fit over the top of the burners and lift off for easy cleaning. The range oven features a broiler pan with an insert to catch dripping fat while the hinged glass cover protects the cooktop and acts as a backsplash.
  • 2-In-1: Cook, bake, fry, and grill in your RV kitchen, while on the road, with this combined cooktop range and oven. Works with propane power or gas power. It provides up to 8000 BTU power output from the 3-burner cooktop and 7,100 BTU from the oven burner.
Product Highlights
  • 6.0 cu. ft. large oven capacity. Top heating element: 3500W, lower heating element: 3500W, rear heating element: 1300W. True convection.
  • Control type: 360° energy regulator to control; Control panel: blue LED indicators on panel, the light up when knob open. Knob light: down shine. Metal oven light/fan button with led light.

Which Way Should You Follow To Achieve best gas range with electric oven Of 2022?

Today, our article intends to introduce and describe to you the best gas range with electric oven, which can be found easily on e-commerce websites these days. Nevertheless, it might take lots of time to get the best item for purchase. As a result, we're always here to help you with your problem.

Before making a purchase, best gas range with electric oven should be thoroughly researched. The following are some common questions you may raise. After being evaluated and confirmed to be effective, the most beneficial ones were picked.

  • What is the most popular one among these products listed here?
  • Are there any benefits from this product?
  • Why are you advised to invest in this product?
  • Where is a reliable place for you to ask for support?
  • How should you get to the point of buying a guide?

This article includes carefully and accurately checked and selected information about products through AI and Big Data. The goal is to create an accurate and objective set of information for you guys to count on.

Items on this list have undergone extensive testing and approval by experts. Your task is to consider the following factors:


A standard grill will crispen your food, while a double-grill is perfect for turning a large lasagne into sand. A variable grill allows you to control the temperature of your food.


There are many functions that ovens have to offer. There are many functions that an oven can have. If you prefer to cook the same way as the rest of the family, then it's not necessary to buy one with many different functions. However, fan-operated ovens distribute heat evenly, and fan ovens distribute heat evenly, so there is no need for preheating. The conventional oven does not have a fan. It uses heating elements at the top and bottom to heat up. A steam oven cooks food faster and locks in nutrients.


Modern ovens have many cleaning tools, including pyrolytic cleaning, which removes food stains and catalytic liner that absorb grease.

Fan-assisted Oven

The fan-assisted oven uses a fan to evenly distribute heat throughout the room. You can be sure that your salmon fillets and roasties, or even cupcakes, will cook beautifully wherever they are placed.


You can cook in your smart oven with just a few taps. An app allows you to adjust and select settings, and track the progress of your food.

Temperature Probe

A temperature probe allows for precise cooking. This smart tech allows you to cook meats at the right temperature for tasty results.


The oven capacity can be measured in litres. You will have more cooking space if your oven has a larger capacity. Ovens with large capacities are great for big families and keen bakers. For smaller households, smaller ovens are great. There are many options, from ovens with a capacity of 35 litres to ovens that can hold up to 82 litres.


Because steam cooking retains moisture, it produces excellent results. It means that roast meats and cakes can be perfectly tenderized.


Can I Fit An Induction Hob Over An Oven?

Induction hobs that are installed in countertops will need more room below to allow for effective ventilation. You will need to make sure there is enough room between the oven and countertop. Double ovens are also taller so be careful.

Do Electric Ovens Have A Plug?

Some ovens require hardwiring, while others can simply be plugged into.

What Is The Difference Between A Conventional And Convection Oven?

To cook food, a conventional oven has a heating element on the top and bottom. You can cook food at various temperatures simultaneously, but this can lead to hot spots. Convection ovens use the same bottom and top elements, but also use a fan to distribute heat quickly and evenly for quick, balanced cooking.

Are There Different Oven Sizes?

Standard oven dimensions are 60cm. However, the heights of different cavities can differ. Before ordering, it is a good idea to verify the measurements on the product page. If you are replacing an appliance that has been damaged or broken before placing your order.

Where Does My Oven Need To Be Positioned?

The fuel supply will be the best place for your oven to be. You can build your oven in- or under a single oven. You will need to choose whether to build it in or under a double oven. There are two sizes available to fit each size.

What’s The Difference Between Built-in And Built-under Ovens?

Built-in ovens are placed at eye level in kitchen cabinets, while built-under ovens can be placed below your counter.

Should I Buy A Freestanding Or Built-in Model?

It all depends on your needs. A freestanding cooker is a fantastic package that includes oven space as well as a top-of-the-line hob. These cookers can be placed in any existing space in your kitchen, and they are easier to move if needed. For a modern, sleek finish, built-in ovens integrate seamlessly into kitchen cabinets.

Can I Get An Electric Oven And A Gas Hob?

Oven and hobs are independent appliances that can be combined in any way you want, provided you have enough fuel.

Overall, to own one of the best gas range with electric oven in this list is pretty ideal for you. Make sure that you read this article carefully. Furthermore, please visit our website frequently or subscribe our newsletter to catch up with any new updates.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. Also, if you have any questions or difficulties about the product, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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