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About Us

LeafLady.org provides information on gardening, equipment, home, cooking, and other topics you may be interested in. Our team is made up of experts from around the globe with one goal: to share our passion for gardening & home improvement.
Our site is designed to provide you with the information you need to improve your home and garden.

Who are We?

Our writers are from all walks of life and come from many different backgrounds. Our team is composed of experts who are able to do reliable research and share accurate information. We are dedicated to dispelling the myths and misinformation about gardening and home improvements to provide easy-to-read articles as well as unique tips and techniques that will help you improve your home & garden.
We want to provide you with accurate, concise, and relevant information about home and gardening. There is so much noise on the internet today. It is not an easy task to ensure that we provide accurate and current information. However, the rewards are worth it in the end. We know that our readers will be able to make improvements to their garden and home.

What We Do

You will find a wide range of articles about equipment and advice on how to solve everyday problems in your home & garden. We also have helpful tips on designing beautiful homes and gardens. Our researchers spend hours searching for the right information and rummaging through the internet. You can tell that we provide only the most up-to-date information when you read our articles.
We hope that our website will be informative and entertaining for all levels of our readers. The site is intended to provide as much information as possible for anyone starting a garden, your home improvement project or looking to learn more about rare and interesting plants. Our writers write articles that are appropriate for every level of our readers knowledge.
To get the truth about how to grow plants in your garden, we use primary sources such as the United States Department of Agriculture and international seed producers. Our writers want you to be a great gardener. They spend a lot of time researching so you can get the right information about plants.

Why we exist

LeafLady.org was created to be accessible and provide helpful & friendly articles. We were looking for essential information about vegetables and plants. However, every website we visited was either insufficient or false.
While some articles were interesting to read, they didn't offer much in the way of substance. We decided to not get discouraged and started LeafLady.org. From the beginning, we created the educational and useful content we desired.
We hope you find our site useful and inspiring. Gardening is one of our favorite stress-relieving and peaceful activities, and we find nothing more rewarding than spending time tending to plants. We hope someone who is thinking of starting a gardening venture but has not yet tried it will be inspired by our efforts, and experience the joy of being in a garden.
We know how frustrating it can be to try and find the right solution when things go wrong. Our site is designed to help you quickly and effectively solve pest infestations before they cause serious damage to your plants. We will provide you with tried-and-true methods to prevent problems from happening and advice on how to treat them safely and effectively.

About the Topics on Our Website

There are many topics in the world of gardening and home improvement, so we organized our website by topic. Each topic is covered by a team of experts, writers, and researchers.


We cover topics such as why flowers don't bloom and how to manage weeds in our Advice section. This section is designed to answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to grow healthy plants. To let us know the types of content that you would like to see in our Advice section, please use the Contact Us button.


We will be covering many projects in the Design section and providing assistance to gardeners who are designing different aspects of their gardens. This section is still in development, so make sure to check back frequently for the latest.


We discuss flowers in the Flowers topic. You will find articles on different types of flowering plants as well as helpful articles to encourage flowering plants' growth.


Our Food Topic will discuss different aspects of gardening, including how to choose good varieties and common solutions to problems. Keep checking back.

Kitchen And Home Appliances

Our Kitchen and Home Appliances offers top-quality information on Home Decor, Kitchen Dining, Furniture, Home Furnishings, Garden Outdoor, and Many Other Topics.


The Plants topic focuses on shrubs, trees, and other plants. You will find information on all kinds of plants in our articles, such as landscaping plants, ornamental bushes, and tropical palms. We can help you choose the best places to plant long-living plants.


You'll find expert articles about all kinds of tools here. To help you make an informed decision when buying lawn mowers, leaf whackers, and weed whackers, we give honest reviews. We also provide how-to articles that will help you maintain your gardening tools at peak performance.


You will find information about vegetable plants in the Vegetable section. You will find helpful articles and gardening guides in the Vegetable section. You'll find tips and tricks to increase your production and some unusual plants that will inspire you to try something new at home.

Final Thoughts

We hope you will return to our site frequently. In the hopes of inspiring and exchanging knowledge among our gardening community, we always have new content online. We can all grow better by sharing the best information on gardening.
LeafLady.org believes there is no better place than the garden & our home. We are grateful to share our passion for gardening & home improvement.