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See more about the chips at StopRFID...

In April 2004, a lump developed at the site of a dogs's microchip.  The biopsy report says, Diagnosis: Fibrosarcoma.  The pathology report confirms that it is a High-Grade Fibrosarcoma.  This report also says, the tumor is histologically identical to postvaccinal sarcomas in cats.
Although the microchip was attached to the fibrosarcoma, the pathology report says there is not enough evidence to prove that the microchip is responsible for the fibrosarcoma. Bear in mind, however, that in order to have enough proof, tissue samples must be submitted, extensive testing must be done and papers must be published. While  this should be a simple, standard procedure, one soon learns that samples are rarely submitted, extensive testing is time consuming and expensive, and papers can take years to be published....

Garden Hazards Reach a High in July and August, Your Reason to Go Organic - Using all-natural pest controls is an important step to take if you love your pets. In 2001, the American Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)'s Animal Poison Control Center reported that July and August are the most dangerous months for companion animals. Why? Because during this period in 2001, the Center handled the highest volume of cases for that year - approximately 7,000 calls. ASPCA data showed that over 3,000 (48%) of these cases involved companion animals being exposed to pesticides. The chemicals included common flea and tick control insecticides, rodenticides (mouse and rat baits) and weed killers.

P & G's Swiffer Wet reported to be harmful to pets -  You can choose to believe marketing as provided by P & G that this is a safe product, however the following information may make you wish you had asked them more specific questions. (Isn't that correct, Jane? Maybe next time you will care to leave your contact information.)

Propylene glycol n-propyl ether is a substance common to many cleaning and personal care products as well as anti-freeze, brake fluid, and airplane de-icer. It is a skin irritant and with its small molecular weight it can enter the body easily. It has been shown to cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage in animals. It is known to cause auto-toxicity and interfere with cellular respiration. It is considered TOXIC.

P & G does not list ingredients on the Swiffer WetJet web site except as a Q & A type format that is not descriptive of the actual ingredients. 

Eye May cause eye irritation. Instillation into eye may result in transient superficial effects similar to those produced by mild toilet soaps.

Skin May cause skin irritation. Use on irritated or extremely dry skin may aggravate the existing condition.

Inhalation May cause mucous membrane irritation.

Ingestion Oral ingestion may result in mild gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Febreeze has also caused harm to pets. This goes along with P & G's history of unnecessary animal testing.

P & G owns IAMS. Please avoid the purchase of any P & G products.

Please do not purchase IAMS product for your loving animals 

Make you own safe pet inspect repellant spray:  You will need a spray bottle that will hold at least 8 ounces.  Add one cup of pure water to the bottle with 4 drops of Lavender and 4 drops of Tea Tree pure essential oils.  Shake well before each use and mist your pet's coat before they go outside.  Shield the eyes when misting.
Add garlic to your pet's diet, or consider Black Walnut tincture to make them less appealing to fleas, ticks or mosquitoes.
Place a few drops of either Eucalyptus or Lemongrass pure essential oil on your pet's coat to help repel insects.  Place this on your hands first, rub gently, then apply to your pet.  Lavender is best for young animals.

Household Chemicals Known to be Harmful to Cats (information to be updated)

Fluoride for pets is a hidden poison - Fluoride for pets is a hidden poison - Fluoride levels in pet food are, according to Richard Pitcairn, DVM, surprisingly high. As far back as 1971, a study at the University of Montana found the average measure of fluoride in leading pet foods to be 11 to 193 ppm, with the highest found in canned pet food. If your dog weighs 100 pounds this translates to a daily consumption of 21 to 368 milligrams of fluoride from commercial food. The government upper daily limit of 2.5 milligrams of fluoride is said to be safe for children over three years of age. The Montana researchers found that fluoride accumulates in pet's bones. 84 to 1535 milligrams of fluoride was found in dog's leg bones. 74 to 1,190 milligrams was found in the bones of cats, and it increased with age. 

According to Pitcairn, it is clearly recognized that long term fluoride intake damages human bones and soft tissue, it is not unlikely that fluoride accumulation is one factor contributing to the increase in bone problems found in pets. 

"until one has loved an animal a portion of one's soul remains un-awakened " Anatole France

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BOO to Booda Bones Dog Toys for their Fluoride dog chew.  I'm not willing to support this company any longer because of this product.  Guess they haven't read just how harmful fluoride is for our loving animal companions. 

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